‘Taste of Korea’ Food Festival in Bangkok.

Thailand is not a stranger to the Hallyu Wave that emerged from South Korea and that has been taking Asia by storm for the past decade with no signs of slowing down.

Walking around Bangkok, I see Korean restaurants with S-curve lines popping up in almost every single department store, a few independent Korean supermarkets have also opened their doors in Bangkok, and not to mention the wide variety of Korean fresh foods, cosmetics and snacks that fill supermarket shelves.

One of Bangkok’s most popular shopping hotspot is Central World. Packed with designer stores, local brands, handicraft, bookstores and restaurants, this place is a shopping haven for tourists!

For locals like me, we frequent Central World often too, but my favorite is the hypermarket. Central Food Hall is a gastronomy paradise that covers the top floor of the mall. From local, regional to international foods, there’s something here that will grab anyone’s appetite.

To celebrate the easing of social lockdown measures in Bangkok, the Central Group organized a Korean food themed event from 8th to 28th July at Central Food Hall Central World, as well as a few other malls under the Central franchise.

Aiming to showcase to shoppers an authentic range of delicious Korean flavors, ‘Taste of Korea 2020’ brought together 42 Korean street food delights at wallet-friendly prices, promotions from Central World’s resident Korean restaurants like The Bibimbab, and the country’s first Tom’s Almond Pop-up store!

The food fest also hosted an exclusive ‘Chef’s Table’ gourmet dinner. The reservation-only 6-course contemporary Korea dining experience served oyster pajeon, samgyeopsal, and kimchi chicken using Beomil’s traditional Korean sauces, a brand with over 70 years of history. Dalgona coffee also made an appearance!

For Korean-food enthusiasts, ‘Taste of Korea 2020’ was a fabulous way to seek out authentic kimchi, ddeokbokki, gimbap, jajjangmyeong and Korean sauces in Bangkok. After months of lockdown, the city finally came back to life!




Korea.net Honorary Reporter. Full time foodie and earth-explorer. Would travel the galaxy if I could.

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Suthida C.

Suthida C.

Korea.net Honorary Reporter. Full time foodie and earth-explorer. Would travel the galaxy if I could.

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